Why 21st Century is China’s Century

By Hui Zhong

China in 2010 is the United States in 1910 while the U.S. in 2010 is the Great Britain in 1910.  China led the world in its civilization in most time of  the past 2000 years.  And the recent 200 years, the bottom of China’s history, is just background noise and negligible if compared to its long time validated history of 5000 years.  The return of China to the superpower in the world is nothing more than a return to the NORMAL of history.  It is just as pure and simple as science 101.

If you make research of mutual fund performance, I am sure you will find that the good funds are those that have long time history and defeat the performance of others by LONG TERM while the new funds typically beat others in SHORT TERM but loose in long term  because they don’t need to take the consequences of their past decisions until they become old.  If I compare a county to a mutual fund, I would compare China to a good fund with long history and compare the U.S. to a new fund.

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