My Fate Theory

By Hui Zhong

Most of you may think I am a religious person before reading this article just based on the headline.  So first of all, let me declare that I am not religious and I am never afraid to say it.  I am a physicist.  What I am going to write here is just a branch of Science, the fate theory of science, pure and simple.

I am deeply influenced by John Titor, a time traveler claimed by himself coming from 2036.  I am not talking about the future of the world John predicted.  My concept about the space and time completely changed after reading his view about the world line and the theory that made him possible to travel from 2036 to 2000.

According the String theory, a theory of everything, there are infinite solutions to depict the world mathematically.  At one hand, it is disappointing in that we do not know exactly which world is our world.  On the other hand, it tells us our world could adopt infinite ways or their combinations while satisfying the same String theory.  And each solution of the world corresponds to a quantum mechanic wave function satisfying the string theory.  The future of our world therefore is determined by which wave function or a combination of these wave functions our world will adopt.  One wave function satisfying the String theory is one possible time line our world could evolve, or a parallel Universe and I denote it to be Wn(t).  The possibility our world to enter the world n will be determined by the amplitude of the integral of the wave function of our world and Wn(t).  The more overlap between our world and world n, the higher possibility that we will enter that world.  In another word, we have higher possibility to enter the similar world to ours. I call this as the selection rule of quantum mechanical transitions between world lines.

But what will happen if a time traveler coming from the future like John changes the timeline of the world he travels to, for example he killed himself when he is young.  Obviously he has no chance to travel back to the world he comes from in the first place because he had made an irreversible consequence of its future.  What he could go back will be another future world line without him but still similar to the world he travels to in the first place.  The more serious consequence a time traveler makes to the future world he travels from, the less likely he will travel back to that time line. This is the uncertainty principle governing the quantum mechanics, so the quantum mechanical world lines.  Have we seen a lot of time travelers?  The answer is Yes in my opinion.  All those UFO(s) relative to the alien spaceships actually are time travelers from the deep future.

Let’s return to the case of John Titor.  He first traveled to a world line similar to ours in 1960s from his world line in 2036.  He subsequently traveled to our world line from that intermediate world line he stayed as 1960s.  Based on the selection rule, all these three world lines, the world line he came from, the first stop he traveled to in 1960s and our world line, should be similar to each others otherwise he would have little possibility to make transitions between them using his time machine.  In our world line, he exposed himself to the public and predicted what will happen in our world line based on what had happened in his world line.  That made a consequence to the future world he came from so he has lower possibility to travel back to his time line from ours based on uncertainty principle.  In another word, based on selection rule, the future of our time lines will diverge from his or our time line has been altered by John’s behavior, making his predictions less possible to be realities.  Yes, he has saved us by altering our time line so invalidating his scary predictions. That is exactly the reason why he needs to travel back to the past of the intermediate world line in 1960s before travel back further to the future of the world line he came from.  By doing so increased the possibility for him to travel back to a time line similar enough to the world line he comes from at the first place because the past of our world line is not changed so is the past of the intermediate world line and the future of the intermediate world line is also not altered, so is the future time line John traveled from.

The fate is determined by the time lines we will evolve.  The possibility of a fate, which follows a possibility distribution determined by the wave function that depicts the fate, is actually the possibility of entering a particular time line that is associated with the fate.  Because predicting a fate indeed involves in the future information traveling to our world in time by human minds,  the theory of the time traveling, therefore, must be valid to be used for theory of fate. In this case, our human brains are time machines that make the future information time travels to the current world from the future world associated with the fate.

So the selection rule of the fate theory should be express in this way: The more overlap between our world and the world associated with the fate, the higher possibility that the fate will be valid.  In another word, we have higher possibility to have a fate that embeds a time line similar to ours.

By the same way, the uncertainty principle of the fate theory should be expressed in the way: The more serious consequence to the future world by predicting the fate, the less likely we will have that fate.

The uncertainty principle of my fate theory decides that our world line populates the losers who predict the fates because a world line always favors those who predicted wrong in the past, depending on how much consequence they make by their predictions.  So the businesses involving the future prediction are always hard businesses, like stock trading.  This is especially true if those traders make big bet on their predictions, so making serious consequence to the world line associated with their predictions.  In another word, if a trader predicts a fate (future) with large bet, the Mother Nature intends to let him enter the time line with the fate that makes his prediction wrong.  On the contrary, a smart person invalids the fates they don’t want to have by letting everybody know they would have the fate.  So just let everybody know you would lose your job if you don’t want to be laid off.  By the same rationales, I will keep the posts that involve in future predictions to be protected in my blog, so that most people will not be able to know the contents of the post which will be invalided otherwise, until the fates of the predictions have been declared.

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