Market Watch – 11/24/10

Today is the last trading day before the Thanksgiving day, so it is crowded with economic data.  The first time to apply unemployment benefit plunge sharply to 407 K from 441 K the week before last week, a multi-year low.  The michigan sentiment also picked up in November to 71.6 from 69.3.  However, the durable goods order dropped sharply in October with -3.3% month over month growth.  Without transportation, the durable goods order dropped 2.7%.  And without defense and aircrafts, the durable order plunged as deep as 4.5%.  Considering the data of durable goods order is leading indicator of the manufacturing, I would not be optimism for the U.S. economy in the coming December.  Also headline news today is the new home sale in October drooped 8%.

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