Dollar Bottomed and Treasury Yield Broke Out

Last week  there are two events happening in the market that caught my eyes.  The first is the U.S. dollar bottomed out and reversed its declines in the last few weeks.  The second is that the long term Treasury yields finally broke out toward the upside.  Remember these happened after the Asian market topped out last November, gold topped in early December and the European market topped in early January, NASDAQ and Russell topped in late January together with Dow transportation.  What will be the next to roll over?  We should keep an eye on this.

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2 Responses to Dollar Bottomed and Treasury Yield Broke Out

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  2. On I noted that 13 458 was a key Fibonacci resistance level and thought that this would be a reasonable spot for the market to stall. If the fed decides not to bail out Wall Street or the brokers lower their future earnings guidance the market will sell off..For those of you who anticipate the Federal Reserve to begin cutting rates again Ill point your attention to the next chart.

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