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More Plunge in Next Two Days

This is just minuette wave (4) of minute wave [3] of minor wave 1 of intermediate wave (1) of primary wave [C].  I expect more downs in the next couple of days followed by a pull back then followed by another … Continue reading

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The Backfire of QE and High Oil Price

last week I topped my article regarding the Federal Reserve’s QE that pumps the liquidity to the supply side instead of the demand side.  The article further pinpointed that the consequence of the QE, accompanying with high oil price, will reluctantly squeeze the … Continue reading

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Neutron Star Has Superfluid Core

Mar 2, 2011 From Physics World An extremely hot superfluid at the heart of Cassiopeia A Neutron stars should exhibit both superfluidity and superconductivity, according to two independent groups of scientists. The researchers studied the neutron star in the supernova remnant … Continue reading

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Exchange Rate of Chinese Yuan and Inflation in China

By Hui Zhong We all know the living standard in China, denoted by increased incomes and savings, is quickly diluted by its high inflation, especially for the food prices.  The inflation is always associated with over printing by the Chinese Central Bank.  But … Continue reading

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Protected: My Forecast of the U.S. Stock Market Movement Up To 2038

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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