The Ten Questions To Uncover Your Level Of Creativity

  1. Are you receptive to change?
  2. Do you often suggest new ideas to others?
  3. Are naturally dissatisfied with the status quo or the norm?
  4. Do you keep an open mind, even if something sounds weird or unusual?
  5. When you run into something that should work, yet, doesn’t work properly, do you view this as an opportunity to learn and fix the problem?
  6. Are you always curious about the newest technology?
  7. Are you an aggressive and avid reader of business type books and magazines?
  8. Do you fight for your convictions about how things should work?
  9. Are you an active and attentive listener?
  10. Do you enjoy solving puzzles and problems?

Okay, time to score your results: You want to count the number of yeses in your response to the list of questions. Here is the scoring key:

10 = Genius
8-9 = Highly Creative
6-7 = Moderately Creative
5 and below = You need to work on your creativity beginning today!

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