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Protected: Elliott Wave Overlapping Factor F

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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20 Reasons Why a Wall Street Panic May Be Close

US Muni bond indices collapsing US State bankruptcy procedures being seriously discussed, indicating bankruptcies are imminent the 7 day SHIBOR (and repo rate) surging to new multi-year highs and has literally exploded from 2.5% to 7.3% in a few short … Continue reading

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The Market Trends I Expect in 2011

Stock: Bearish Bond: Bearish Crude Oil: Bearish Gold: Neutral Dollar: Bullish

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Market Watch – 12/15/2010

The market is overdue for a correction but I expect the correction is shallow.  My wave count is that we are right now in the minor 5 of intermediate (C) of primary [B] of cycle c of supercycle (a) of grand supercycle [IV].  The minor … Continue reading

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The Bond Bubble Bursted?

This is on the background of QE2 that is anticipated to push down the yields and reduce the borrowing costs.  The market seems to say no to Bernanke.

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AAII Bull Bear Spread Indicates the Top Is Hit On 11/5/2010

The AAII Bull Bear Spread reaches 29.1% last week, close to multi-year high.  Particularly, the percent of the investors who are neutral hits 13.95%, the lowest since the 10/9/08 when market crashed to the bottom.  And those who are bullish reaches 57.56%, the highest … Continue reading

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Bond Market Looks Topped Already

When dumb money have finished entering the bond market, it is the time for the bond bubble to be broken.  With the QE2 by the Fed announced last Wednesday, the trend of decline of the bond prices accelerates.  The bond market has topped.

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