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Housing Market Update – 02/22/2011

This double dip of the housing market looks accelerating.

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20 Reasons Why a Wall Street Panic May Be Close

US Muni bond indices collapsing US State bankruptcy procedures being seriously discussed, indicating bankruptcies are imminent the 7 day SHIBOR (and repo rate) surging to new multi-year highs and has literally exploded from 2.5% to 7.3% in a few short … Continue reading

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SHIBOR: We Have A BIG Liquidity Problem

Submitted by Tyler Durden from Zerohedge.com on 01/21/2011 12:50 -0500 When two weeks ago we first pointed out the surging Chinese weekly SHIBOR (following up on comparable observations from last summer) it prompted a variety of bemused responses, the bulk of which … Continue reading

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Housing Market Plunge Passes Depression’s

Zillow.com: 26% Drop in Prices Worse than the 25.9% during Depression; Expert Explains Meaning for Buyers and Sellers Alike (CBS) NEW YORK — Home prices fell for the 53rd straight month in November, taking the decline past that of the Great … Continue reading

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In Illinois, a Giant Deficit Leads to Talk of a Giant Tax Increase

By MONICA DAVEY from New York Times, Published: January 9, 2011 SPRINGFIELD, Ill.— With Illinois’s budget crisis reaching dizzying, desperate levels, lawmakers here over the weekend were seriously pondering something that would have been unimaginable even a few months ago: a … Continue reading

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Andy Xie: Either America Or China Will Crash In 2011

Gus Lubin | Dec. 27, 2010, 9:25 AM From BusinessInsider.com Andy Xie’s latest sees the liquidity war getting worse in 2011. America will continue to pump the financial system with liquidity via tax cuts and quantitative easing. China will keep … Continue reading

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Case-Shiller Home Price Change In October 2010

The following table shows the historical price change according to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price indices. Cities are ranked by largest monthly gain using non seasonally adjusted data.

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