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My Fate Theory

By Hui Zhong Most of you may think I am a religious person before reading this article just based on the headline.  So first of all, let me declare that I am not religious and I am never afraid to say … Continue reading

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Are They Aliens?

By Hui Zhong Many people in the world, including myself, have ever encountered UFO.  Many of these UFO are widely regarded as alien spaceships.  I have different opinions on it because of the following questions: Why are those “aliens” interested in us?  … Continue reading

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这些细节证据确实能说明这些麦田圈图案不是人类干的 (ZT)

外星人确实存在,而且它们科学非常发达,我们的科学相比还处在小儿科。 它们藉由麦田圈向地球透露讯息。  这些麦田圈有三大特点:   (一)完全没有破坏痕迹,麦也丝毫无损地被压下而改变方向,并非践踏或机械屈曲而成; (二)麦秆弯曲位置的炭分子结构受电磁场影响而结晶,但仍然能继续正常生长;   (三)麦田圈的幅射量与附近正常的麦田有明显不同。在麦田圈的麦田周围没有任何足迹,圈内麦秆因弯曲而倒下,并未折断,可以断定不是用脚压出的。   根据对麦田圈研究的研究,调查倾倒的麦秆、土壤的状况,发现倾倒的麦秆并没有明显的损伤,确定这些是由强大的能量作用产生的。

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