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December CPI and Retail Sale Missed Expectations

The retail sale data in December come as 0.6% growth with expectation of 0.8%.  With the gasoline price flying, the CPI in December increases by 0.5%, missing market expectation of 0.4%.  Note that when consumers spend more on the gas that stimulates import they … Continue reading

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Shipping Rates Poised to Plunge 31% on Glut Off Australia: Freight Markets

By Alaric Nightingale – // Jan 12, 2011 10:02 AM ET from Bloomberg A 20-mile-long line of commodity carriers off Queensland, suffering its worst floods in a half- century, means less income for owners already reeling from the biggest slump … Continue reading

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Market Watch – 01/11/2011

The minute wave [iv] looks ended yesterday and lasts 3 days.  If it is the case, the new bullish minute wave [v] kicked off yesterday after touching the 20 day simple moving average.  According to my mood dynamic theory, it should last about … Continue reading

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Baltic Exchange Dry Index (BDI) Falls Out Of Cliff

20 day exponential average in red. 200 day exp. avr. green

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My Short Review of the U.S. Economy in 2010

Today is last day of 2010.  To make this review concise, I am not writing the popular topics that everybody knows, like disappointing unemployment rate or QE about which you can find articles everywhere.  I am blogging here on the … Continue reading

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Market Watch – 12/25/2010

Merry Christmas! This year could be the best year since 2006.  The U.S. economy has returned to the level a little better than 2007 based on the retail sale number.  S&P 500 company’s aggregate earnings reached about $20/share, also comparable … Continue reading

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Why Recently Small Caps Outperform the Big Caps?

Inquiry minds may notice that in the last few months the small cap  fund ($Rut) outperforms the middle cap (Nasdaq) that in turn outperforms the large cap (S&P500) that outperforms the Dow 30.  Why is there such a clear relationship between the fund performance … Continue reading

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