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Consumer Price Index Since 2000

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Exchange Rate of Chinese Yuan and Inflation in China

By Hui Zhong We all know the living standard in China, denoted by increased incomes and savings, is quickly diluted by its high inflation, especially for the food prices.  The inflation is always associated with over printing by the Chinese Central Bank.  But … Continue reading

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Food Prices in China

The data of the following Table listing the food prices in China comes from National Bureau Of Statistics of China.  Remember food prices in China occupy 31.4% of its CPI.  1 U.S. Dollar = 6.6 Chinese Yuan

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Feeling blue within China’s red-hot economy

By Jaime FlorCruz, CNN December 30, 2010 9:43 p.m. EST Skyrocketing food and housing prices have topped concerns for both urban and rural residents. Beijing, China (CNN) — Can money buy happiness? Apparently, not for millions of Chinese, including those … Continue reading

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Andy Xie: Either America Or China Will Crash In 2011

Gus Lubin | Dec. 27, 2010, 9:25 AM From BusinessInsider.com Andy Xie’s latest sees the liquidity war getting worse in 2011. America will continue to pump the financial system with liquidity via tax cuts and quantitative easing. China will keep … Continue reading

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谢国忠-和讯博客 你印1万亿,我也印1万亿,其他人会这么干。大家都印1万亿后,汇率没变化?好吧,那么我们再来一轮吧 全 球性的货币战争爆发之前,硝烟的味道已到处弥漫。大家的武器是量化宽松(QE)。如果你印1万亿,我也印1万亿。当然,其他人也会这么干。大家都印1万亿 后,汇率没变化?好吧,那么我们再来一轮吧,这就是第二轮量化宽松(QE2)。美国财长盖特纳这些人,如果你听了他们的话,世界末日不远矣。为了保值,中 国人在买黄金,其他国家的富人也在买黄金。他们把黄金成吨地运回家。货币大幅贬值时,有了这些黄金,富人至少还能继续当富人。

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Unintentional Consequence of QE by Federal Reserve

By Hui Zhong The current U.S. economy has no doubt on the edge of cliff of deflation rather than inflation.  That is determined by the demand and supply balance.  When there is more money (liquidity) than the products and services … Continue reading

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