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The GDP of the U.S. Economy Should Expand Around 0.6% in Q3

The 0.6% growth is calculated based on my GDP Real-Time Thermometer Model.  It is much better than -3.5% contraction I expected back in July.  Thanks for the pickups of the economic activities in retail and wholesale levels which effectively compensate the contraction … Continue reading

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Dollar Bottomed and Treasury Yield Broke Out

Last week  there are two events happening in the market that caught my eyes.  The first is the U.S. dollar bottomed out and reversed its declines in the last few weeks.  The second is that the long term Treasury yields … Continue reading

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20 Reasons Why a Wall Street Panic May Be Close

US Muni bond indices collapsing US State bankruptcy procedures being seriously discussed, indicating bankruptcies are imminent the 7 day SHIBOR (and repo rate) surging to new multi-year highs and has literally exploded from 2.5% to 7.3% in a few short … Continue reading

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The U.S. Dollar Is Approaching the Major Support Line

I expect the dollar will bounce back after touching this major long term support currently a little bit lower than 77.  Together with it, the Dow 30 is supposed to move up to the major top early next week.

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Market Watch – 01/11/2011

The minute wave [iv] looks ended yesterday and lasts 3 days.  If it is the case, the new bullish minute wave [v] kicked off yesterday after touching the 20 day simple moving average.  According to my mood dynamic theory, it should last about … Continue reading

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Baltic Exchange Dry Index (BDI) Falls Out Of Cliff

20 day exponential average in red. 200 day exp. avr. green

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Market Watch – 01/06/2011

As I have posted before (Market Watch – 12/25/2010), the minute [iii] of minor 5 of intermediate (C) of primary [B] is about to end in the next couple of days.  I feel tomorrow’s employment data for December should be impressive.  … Continue reading

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