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The Backfire of QE and High Oil Price

last week I topped my article regarding the Federal Reserve’s QE that pumps the liquidity to the supply side instead of the demand side.  The article further pinpointed that the consequence of the QE, accompanying with high oil price, will reluctantly squeeze the … Continue reading

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QE2 Explained

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Bond Market Looks Topped Already

When dumb money have finished entering the bond market, it is the time for the bond bubble to be broken.  With the QE2 by the Fed announced last Wednesday, the trend of decline of the bond prices accelerates.  The bond market has topped.

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Another Look At the QE2 By Federal Reserve

QE2 will not warm up the already cold U.S. economy but to heat up the already hot economies in the world, like China’s economy, after the excessive liquidity fly around the world instead stay inside the U.S.  QE2 will not be … Continue reading

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谢国忠-和讯博客 你印1万亿,我也印1万亿,其他人会这么干。大家都印1万亿后,汇率没变化?好吧,那么我们再来一轮吧 全 球性的货币战争爆发之前,硝烟的味道已到处弥漫。大家的武器是量化宽松(QE)。如果你印1万亿,我也印1万亿。当然,其他人也会这么干。大家都印1万亿 后,汇率没变化?好吧,那么我们再来一轮吧,这就是第二轮量化宽松(QE2)。美国财长盖特纳这些人,如果你听了他们的话,世界末日不远矣。为了保值,中 国人在买黄金,其他国家的富人也在买黄金。他们把黄金成吨地运回家。货币大幅贬值时,有了这些黄金,富人至少还能继续当富人。

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Market Watch – 11/05/2010

Market has priced in the growth rate of 2% of the U.S. economic activities right in today.  That is reflected in the Dow 30 price of  more than 11,400.  But the CMI index projects the consumer spending contracts at about 4% rate … Continue reading

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Fed Sets to Buy 850 Billions Bonds in Its QE2

Fed announced today it will buy long-term U.S. treasure up to 600 billions and reinvest 250 billions by the end of the first half of 2011 according the statement released by Fed.  The oil price makes 3-months high after the … Continue reading

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