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Dollar Bottomed and Treasury Yield Broke Out

Last week  there are two events happening in the market that caught my eyes.  The first is the U.S. dollar bottomed out and reversed its declines in the last few weeks.  The second is that the long term Treasury yields … Continue reading

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Why Low P/E Comes With High Interest Rates

By Hui Zhong If we look back the history of the stock market and bond market, we may find a very interesting correlation between the P/E and bond yields.  That is when the stock market bottoms the bond yield also peaks.  In … Continue reading

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The Bond Bubble Bursted?

This is on the background of QE2 that is anticipated to push down the yields and reduce the borrowing costs.  The market seems to say no to Bernanke.

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CDS Implied and S&P Rating Divergence

10-year bond yields for Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece — year preceding November 26, 2010 (Bloomberg)

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