Market May Crash Down Fast to Below 14,000 by 9/9/13

My GDP real-time thermometer model recently issued a strong warning about the US Stock Market.  The Dow30 has topped in August and it may crash down to from 13,500 to 14,000 by 9/9/13.  I post the warning from the model here to examine whether it will be right eventually.

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Protected: Market Watch – 02/11/2012

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UFO Shut Down U.S. Nuclear Weapon Storage Sites

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Will Dow30 Have 2000 Point Movement Next Week?

My Real-Time GDP Thermometer Model tells me so.  But by common sense, I know it is simply NOT possible.

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The GDP of the U.S. Economy Should Expand Around 0.6% in Q3

The 0.6% growth is calculated based on my GDP Real-Time Thermometer Model.  It is much better than -3.5% contraction I expected back in July.  Thanks for the pickups of the economic activities in retail and wholesale levels which effectively compensate the contraction in manufacture level.  But the economic activities in the production level remain cold and have become worse which is evidenced by -8.48 reported today for the Empire Manufacturing.  Remember the activities in production level has higher weight on the GDP.  So the major markets will not have substantial bull run in the near future until the production end bottoms out.  A significant pull back is expected.

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Particles Found to Break Speed of Light

Thu, Sep 22 2011

By Robert Evans From Reuters

GENEVA (Reuters) – An international team of scientists said on Thursday they had recorded sub-atomic particles traveling faster than light — a finding that could overturn one of Einstein’s long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe.

Antonio Ereditato, spokesman for the researchers, told Reuters that measurements taken over three years showed neutrinos pumped from CERN near Geneva to Gran Sasso in Italy had arrived 60 nanoseconds quicker than light would have done.

“We have high confidence in our results. We have checked and rechecked for anything that could have distorted our measurements but we found nothing,” he said. “We now want colleagues to check them independently.”

If confirmed, the discovery would undermine Albert Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity, which says that the speed of light is a “cosmic constant” and that nothing in the universe can travel faster.

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The Crash of the 1987

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